The Spring Eclipses have taken us on an inner journey to identify old operating systems that do not empower us or support our Soul purpose. The Eclipses are catalyzing molecular re-arrangement at the cellular level. There are strong 5D frequencies, Light Codes streaming in from the Great Central Sun that are activating dormant ‘Junk’ DNA, this includes the Soul template and Divine Blueprint – all is mutating and activating in our Bioenergetics now. We’ve been working with these activations for some time in our Meditations and will begin to see evidence of the transmutation show up in our physical bodies.

These activations are triggering the release of the parasitic consciousness and cellular memory of core suffering and persecution within all of us. This is an opportunity to empower the Divinity within! It is time to break free from being hosted on for our Life Force, or engaging in taking energy from others to survive.
During the next few weeks our bodies are integrating the new frequencies and molecular activation …all is ‘settling into place’, so you may feel some body fatigue and somehow different from the shifting consciousness.

Whatever seeds you planted during the powerful Eclipses, remember to

check on them regularly and feed them Crystalline Light. We are now in the fertile phase of birthing our

new timelines with the powerful Light Codes.

love and blessings,