As we near the year-end 11-11 New Earth Gateway, 2021 (‘5’ year) has been a year of great change. Influencing our lives has been the most impactful astrology of 2021 – the Saturn-Uranus square. Saturn, the planet of constriction, and Uranus, the planet of rebellion, form a tense square all year, forging a collision between the old and the new.

There is a massive rewiring happening gradually in the background. The cosmic square is shaking loose entrenched systems and daily routines. Saturn and Uranus have opposite functions. Saturn creates structures. Uranus breaks these structures so that a new, superior order can emerge. Saturn and Uranus final square-up arrives on December 24, 2021.

The recent 10:10 Gateway initiated the alpha-omega full circle moment, the death-rebirth cycle, the liberation of entrapped souls from the karmic wheel of time. As the old systems complete and collapse under the alchemical blast of Uranus, incarnated Starseeds have the opportunity to complete and dismantle their reincarnational recycling. As we resolve, heal and transmute past karmic issues, we meticulously disentangle from the human incarnation circle of death-repeat.

Starseed Souls are coming full circle in the karmic wheel since the fall of Atlantis. We are in the Refiner’s Fire! Alchemy is the ancient path of spiritual purification and transformation; the expansion of consciousness and the development of creational knowledge through visual images, pictographs, and sacred geometry. Alchemy is steeped in mysticism and mystery, as taught in the ancient Mystery Schools.

Modern-day Alchemists apply ancient wisdom through the language of symbols to attain higher consciousness and quantum expansion, such as Metatron’s Cube. We are currently immersed in the transformational process converting physical limitations of time density into an experience of ‘eternal life’. We are in the alchemical process of merging the higher realms with our human physical realm.

During the alchemical awakening your mind becomes aware of sacred symbols and numerical patterns, noticing digital sequences such as 11:11 or 12:12. When you see alchemical symbols it triggers DNA cellular encodings. These are sacred Ascension codes interacting with your awakening awareness. They signify dimensional shifts of expanding access to higher frequencies, higher knowledge and higher activations.

It only happens once a year, when the 11:11 Gateway opens to higher, ascended realms. On 11:11 we experience a rare moment of intense clarity and connection with the ascending New Earth. In numerology, 11 signifies Mastership level. 1 represents initiation, invention and new beginnings that flow to us in the form of ideas and inspiration.

This powerful astrology has been highlighting hidden shadow unconsciousness for healing. Leading up to the 11:11 Gateway, there has been intense purging and clearing, preparing you for the powerful threshold shift through the portal. Much shadow has been revealed in the expanding LIGHT for transmutation. All is being flushed to the surface as the LIGHT permeates every cell of your being. Master numbers demand surrender to the highest good. You are experiencing Light Body transformation and awakening Soul Mastery.

When we are touched by the 11:11 Ascension codes, we are awakening to the Master of Light that we are. Number 11 also represents two pillars, a gateway, which opens a direct portal between the 3rd dimension and the 5th dimension. 11:11 code sequences activate rapid transformation wherever we focus our attention/intentions. It is a powerful seed moment for birthing our personal ascension and the New Earth Timeline.

Join other Light Bearers, Gridworkers, and Star Beings from all around the world, as we gather on November 11th for the 11:11 Gateway Global Activations. Step into the 11:11 portal and meet your future Ascended Master Soul. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg