We are entering the final week of 11:11 and another pass-through of 11:11:11 Activations on November 29th. Not only was 2018 a Mastership year, but also a year of powerful 11:11 Mass Awakening triggers to many souls on the planet. 11:11 signifies the bio-circuitry of electrical current impacting the magnetic fields that comprise the human energy field. It is a force field of magnificent proportions. Although we can only see the 3 dimensions of physical form, our consciousness can access the higher dimensions of the non-physical universe.

As the veils of density dissolve, the mind becomes aware of higher dimensional existence. One of the first observations the mind uncovers is the presence of a global simulation or artificial reality all humans are born into. As this global simulation of entrapment dissolves, the minds of millions, if not billions, are set free. We are witnessing a massive awakening.

As the artificial matrix simulation unwinds from the mind, you are free to roam the higher dimensions of possible future outcomes. You exist in a holographic universe of infinite possibilities. The human mind operates like a movie projector – displaying your chosen range of frequency into the visual world you experience. The mind has attuned to your selected chosen holographic reality.

The global simulation operated like an overlay grid circuit that intercepted the individual capacity to choose reality. The simulation creators usurped human free will and installed an artificial reality into the planetary field. In 2012 the matrix simulation unlocked and ‘free will’ reinstated on planet earth. Once the mind is freed, there is a reorientation period, as you learn to attune to your original Soul’s frequency. When you skip this step, called spiritual bypassing, you can find yourself maneuvered into more entrapment simulations.

Without this attunement step, the mind can become lost in parallel realities. Just scan the internet to see how diverse and astonishing many people’s realities are unfolding. Reality is a code, a specific geometric language forming in tetrahedral crystalline structures. You can plug into very dense, fear-based, paranoid holographic realities or you can attune through the ‘heart-brain’ to harmonious simulations. Whatever mind simulation you attune to equals your selected timeline. Due to free will, you can change simulations and/or jump timelines in a nanosecond.

An alignment has been developing since 2012.  Out of chaos two very distinct world realities are being demonstrated – one mind centered, one heart centered. In metaphysical vernacular they are called 3D and 5D. Based on your chosen holographic simulation, you will be magnetized towards one or the other global timelines. Those who gravitate towards the 5D hologram are creating a New Earth reality that is very different than the world they were born into. It is non-polarized, harmonious and peaceful. The 5D New Earth hologram is accessible through the LOVE vibration in the heart.

The cosmic stargates occurring on 11:11, 12:12 and 12:21 are providing additional attunements to the highest divine frequencies of Christed Light that your mind can attain. With focused intention you can align your holographic mind with the celestial dimensions of Mastery. As you ascend into higher and higher frequency, the mind can enter realms unimaginable before. This cosmic opening to higher realms is moving many souls into different timelines. We will witness the global realities starting to pull apart in 2020.

All eventually returns to zero, the multi-dimensional presence of Now. As you ascend into higher band-widths, you are merging with the standing wave pulse of infinite co-creation. Observe what no longer resonates and shed it, release it, let it go. Keep ascending higher, getting lighter.

Every time you activate the Quantum Vortex, you open the gateway to the infinite holographic universe. Join our New Earth podcast this Wednesday, November 28th at 5pm PT as we step into the Quantum Vortex and transform our reality. We will focus on integrating all the magical 11:11 upgrades and activations, plus assist with clearing outdated and destructive timeline loops, including the Atlantean Armageddon timeline.

We will take questions from the listeners via email. Join other Gridworkers, Gatekeepers, and Star Beings from all around the world, as we form a ‘group mind’ and receive Christ Consciousness into our being.

The show is recorded for replay.  If you would like to participate, register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=206997

Lovingly, Meg

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