The new Crystalline Light infusion is currently anchoring into the planetary gridwork, causing an acceleration of the dimensional shift. Many have been experiencing unusual occurrence of space-time stretching, warping, expanding and opening. We are now in the Ascension phase of the cosmic shift into higher dimensional realms.

Last week the Sun joined Mercury moving retrograde through Aquarius. During this retrograde period it feels like Mercury is diving into the hidden realm of the subconscious, sensitizing our right-brain qualities. The 5th dimension is experienced as a ‘feeling field’ that we enter with our sensory body. It is not a realm that our lower 3D thinking-mind can access. We can ‘feel’ the new 5D planetary field by increasing our energy frequency and neutralizing all negative polarity that exists in our mind, heart and body.

The cosmic acceleration is assisting with this process, so that massive groups of Souls can elevate up into the higher fields of Unity Consciousness. With the Sun and Mercury Retro emphasizing the Aquarian ideals of brotherly love, tribal mentality, progressive thinking and individuation – we are being inspired to follow the path of the Soul/soul group into higher realms of experience.

Uranus-Pluto continues to square the Lunar nodes, which is catalyzing the accelerated shift in consciousness from rigid polarized black/white thinking and posturing into more 5D/6D awareness. With the final Uranus-Pluto Square coming in March, we can expect some spectacular ‘game changers’ to occur in society.

There is a wave of Unity Consciousness sweeping the planet, igniting more heart-felt tolerance, acceptance, harmony, and constructive solutions. What were once taboo topics are now becoming common-place. The 3D hot-beds of violence, hate and intolerance are decomposing, losing power. They are burning and disintegrating in their own toxic spew. The old dark, polarized 3D reality is collapsing under the pressure of the new majority…the awakening hearts and minds of caring souls. We will see the new 5D/6D realities take hold and prosper, just as the prior 3D regime dissolves into past memory.

The 3rd density souls will be ushered into the 4D world ruled by heart-filled compassion. They will either adapt or leave the planet to work through another karmic cycle. The 4th dimension is still polarized, although this is where the Heart Center opens to Love and Light. The human race is clearly moving into the 4th density heart opening and grounding to the 4D Earth. This is where they will continue to grow and learn about compassion, unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness. These are qualities of Unity Consciousness that permeate 5D and higher.

The Starseed souls are accelerating through the veils into a 5th dimensional Earth hologram. These souls have already mastered the lower dimensions and gravitate towards realms that follow the principles of the Law of ONE. These souls have been moving through the portals since the Solstice into 5th density and higher. We are being compelled to merge the 4D Heart with our psychic 6D mind. This merging creates the ‘wise mind’ that lifts us up and out of the planetary field of ego conflict and competition.

It also liberates us from any past programs of self-sacrifice, martyrdom and persecution. We are the liberators, but we are not the saviors. As we upgrade into 6D and 7D, we are merging back into the One. Our energy field becomes a beacon of loving Oneness.

Subsequent to the acceleration of our energy Light Body, we will be able to astral travel without physical ‘ships’ or vehicles. As our mind continues to elevate into the higher realms, we will begin to see the world through different filters…as if our mind opened up to the vast expanse of the universe. There will no longer be any barriers of space-time that block access to the higher realms of Oneness.

It is important during this massive acceleration in 2015 to maintain physical grounding to the 5D crystalline earth grids, so that you can continue to ‘fuel’ the Light Body with prana life force. I’ve been guided to get outside regularly, feet chakras on the land and link my energy body to the earth’s crystalline grids so I can ‘power up’. This will also assist with any disturbance of shifting warp fields or shaking vertigo.

Now more than ever human beings are becoming aware that they are living as ‘spirit in matter’. The lines between new physics and metaphysics continue to blur and merge. As more and more satellite images of our galaxy go viral, we recognize our origin – that we are crystallized, divine energy emanating from the Great Central Sun in the galactic core.

Uranus explodes and Pluto transforms; together they shatter the old world order and unleash a new paradigm. Just look back to the 1960’s when the last time Uranus and Pluto transformed a rigid system to bring us the musical ‘Hair’, human rights movement, psychedelic drugs, and free speech.

During the planetary acceleration towards the March Equinox, make sure to replenish your prana life force with deep breathing, superfoods, body movement and crystalline Light infusion on a daily basis.  Not only will this replenish the kidneys/adrenals with Light nourishment, but it will also set up an intentioned field of Light protection. While the veils are thinning and portals are opening, there has been some lower astral interference in the 3D/4D realms.

The lower dark forces do not want us to ascend into the higher realms where they can no longer host on our life force. They use fear and manipulation to derail our efforts. Don’t give them any of your power and stay focused on your own protection and personal Ascension. Continue to accelerate your frequency, replenish your prana life force and build up your inner Light so that you can break through the dimensional threshold to the next level.

If you have experienced any astral interference, call on the League of Light to assist you. I’ve been using the Quantum Vortex to activate a spherical Metatron’s Cube inside and around my body so that the sacred geometry synchs up with the 12-sided dodecahedron Light Orb around my energy field. The Light acceleration is assisting with the maturing of our energy Light Body, so that we will have the means to travel through time-space. We are bringing alive the Law of ONE in the planetary field of Gaia. This will continue to transform society’s consciousness into higher realms of love and harmony.


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