Since the 12:21 Solstice alignment with the galactic center and the ‘11’ New Year Full Moon, we have moved into new energy. The current astrology ushers in a new portal or doorway opening to new possibilities. At this time all planets are in direct motion. This invigorates more innovative creativity and forward movement. No more review, time to take positive action.

During the past few days I’ve been experiencing significant time displacement, a sign the timelines are shifting again. We are in the midst of the 2018 Reset! The world’s future looks different than just a month ago, especially here in America. The year-end cosmic upgrades have shifted the global timeline in a new direction, away from so much deception and corruption. The illusion is unraveling at lightning speed!

During this momentous occasion, set your 2018 timeline in the right direction. Get clear focus on where you want to move your energy, in what you want to invest your life force. Now is the time to secure your future pathway. Take all of your goals, visions and intentions and pull them into your heart center, feed them your Love and ground into the 5D earth plane. The time is ripe for manifesting.

The new plasma infusion is unravelling the time locks in the body structure. It is unwinding the torque twists of clockwise compression that holds us in the matrix lockdown. We are breaking free from centuries of enslavement and polarized living. The veils are lifting, the populace is awakening and the status quo dissolving.

Now is the perfect time to shake loose any insidious matrix programming that clouds the mind with brain fog or negative viewpoint. Pierce the veil of illusion and reveal the divine essence that you are. Embrace your ‘I AM’ Presence in your heart, breathe deeply. You are birthing your ascended life from inside out.

The 2018 Reset will support the continued expansion of spiritual embodiment. The new earth realm is on the horizon. Let’s make this ‘11’ year the turning point, the reset, the tidal wave of loving kindness. When we are united we are extraordinary change agents.

Join me on Saturday, January 13th in Los Angeles for an intimate, high-vibe activation circle. We will step into the Quantum Vortex with Metatron and focus on ascension codes, blueprint and light body merkaba transformation. You won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to work with me ‘live’ in LA or thru livestream. Let’s create 2018 as the year of accelerated ascension! Register to attend here:

Lovingly, Meg

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