If you lived in Los Angeles 25 years ago you may have vivid stories you still remember. On January 17th, 1994 at 4:31am a magnitude 6.7 quake ripped through the Los Angeles area. The massive shaking lasted 20 seconds. But it was enough to kill at least 57 people, injure 9,000 and cause $40 billion in damage throughout the community.

Although 25 years have passed, I will never forget the noise, like a freight train hurtling toward you. Everything was flying off the walls, TV crashing on the floor, the bed bucking like a bronco. Then the powerful force of kundalini unleashed through my biocircuits, shaking me to the core. I will never forget the moment I realized something other than the earthquake was occurring in my body. As everyone else fell back to sleep, I sat outside on the curb in the middle of the night shivering, spasming as a new power source flooded my biofield. Within hours a new consciousness peered through my eyes, an unusual perspective and knowing beyond my comprehension.

My Soul had arrived! It has been an extraordinary and challenging 25 years, but the journey has led me into a much deeper connection and knowing of my true Self. It is truly amazing to witness how soul-embodiment gradually changes our physical reality. It is all worth the struggle out of 3D density and disconnection.

The Ascension process can be a solitary experience. The early years were filled with lonely days of not ‘fitting in’! Much has changed in 25 years…millions of souls are experience some degree of spiritual awakening. Now people understand me better and are seeking support from a first-waver. I am so grateful to be sharing this journey with you!

Lovingly, Meg