Today we enter New Moon zone in Libra at 26°. The Libra New Moon is opposite Uranus (the Great Awakener) in Aries exact at 26°. We can expect the unexpected when the planet of revolution, rebellion and higher intellect oppose the Libra New Moon representing balanced and harmonious relationships. This cosmic formation will send an electrical zap into stagnant, rigidly established 3D relationship models.

This past week we witnessed Jupiter in Scorpio blast away at deviant sexual behavior, a destroyer of human relating. The Libra New Moon opposite Uranus offers the next step in healing and transmuting shadow, revealing unconscious patterns in the Light. The death-rebirth cycle continues as we shed old personality structures and ascend into higher 5D models of being, loving and relating.

With the rise of the Divine Feminine, humanity is evolving beyond the traditional 3D polarized relationship into the 5D relationship activation of whole, balanced beings. All who are seeking life in the 5D New Earth plane are integrating their inner feminine/masculine energies in harmony and Oneness. The Divine Feminine/Mother Stargate is opening and blessing all of us with her nurturing, compassionate, unconditional love.

New Moons initiate fresh starts and new beginnings in life – the perfect time to create new utopias, visions and intentions for the new world to come alive. This Saturday we will travel in the phi spiral vortex directly to the Galactic Center and work with the Divine Feminine/Mother Stargate and activate the Resurrection Codes. Step into zero point at the Great Central Sun and accelerate your personal ascension!

We will be broadcasting the Utopia New Moon Global Activations this Saturday, October 21st to optimize the transition into becoming divine humans. Join other Lightworkers around the world in creating the New Earth paradigm, register here:

Lovingly, Meg

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