We are still integrating the powerful 11:11 ascension activations since Saturday’s sacred event. The 11:11 Gateway is open and streaming a continual surge of plasma crystalline light into the earth plane and to all life on the planet. Photon light is a carrier of universal intelligence, transmitted to all who are receptive to higher frequencies of light language.

As you continue to heal and clear away all entanglement with the 3D Matrix of Time/Duality, the brain/heart opens to higher realms of spirit. When you metabolize Light codes and consciousness into your human energy field, the pineal gland awakens from its dormant state, bringing ‘alive’ more intuitive capabilities and spiritual healing.

The pineal gland is a hyper-dimensional stargate built into the human physiology that enables the conscious mind to travel other realms. The stargate functions through the use of ordinary water, H2O. Fast forwarding or rewinding through time can be accomplished through the flow of fluid energy. This is accomplished through tiny molecules within the pineal gland’s crystal microclusters.

The pineal crystals appear in platonic solid geometric shapes and amplify frequencies in the 3rd Eye chakra. The crystal microclusters form a resonant gateway which allows transition into time/space, as seen in wormholes in the grid matrix.  The pineal gland stargate technology is accessible in the presence of crystalline light. Meditating with light enhances the inter-communication network of photonic distribution of spiritual awareness and knowledge.

The zero point null-magnetics vacuum state will ultimately provide the ‘fuel’ and the ‘tool’ for pineal gland technology. It is advantageous to spin the Infinity Figure-8 of light at the left/right brain, centered on the pineal. This activation may be experienced as a ringing, buzzing or pressure inside of the head.

As you learn how to channel energy, a series of complex electromagnetic intersecting rings of vortex energy spin around the water within the pineal gland, causing the pineal gland to “gate over” into multiple dimensional time/space, accessing parallel timelines with your conscious focus through quantum entanglement.

As the 3rd Eye chakra lens opens the ‘window’ to the multi-dimensional universe, you will see more visions in other parallel realities through brainwave entrainment to the quantum field. The incoming Ascension activations peel away the veils, barriers, blinders on the pineal crystal antenna and 3rd Eye chakra. The pineal crystal microclusters act in much the same way as an old-fashioned crystal radio. However, most of the frequencies received through the pineal gland are outside the range of human perception. You receive energy as colors and sounds (tones) and increasing ringing in the ears.

The pineal stargate streams light into the 3rd Eye chakra, activating the mirror-effect operating in front of the mind. In the 3D Matrix the mirror faces inward…reflecting back your own image and ego-centric (virtual) world-view. When the pineal is activated the mirror can turn over and reflect outward your mind’s visions into the quantum field to materialize.

As the Pineal Portal awakens, you may primarily receive simple messages. In order to convert these messages into Light Language, you would need to raise the frequency of sound by forty octaves. When using Quantum AccessTM with the Zero Point Harmonics healing meditation, you raise your brainwaves into higher frequency range above Alpha/Beta, into the Gamma range of Unity Consciousness. Since all energy is related to the speed of light, when two frequencies meet, the higher frequency will raise the resonance of the lower into higher range.

All thought patterns carry an energy frequency which calibrates the pineal crystal antenna to a certain vibration. All fearful thoughts will lower the magnetic field of the pineal portal; and positive, loving thoughts will calibrate the pineal to lock onto much higher frequencies.  As you gain mastery of your thought patterns you can translate more messages through the pineal crystal antenna into the higher frequency range of Light Language. I see/feel/sense the stream of Light as symbols and codes that flow into my pineal antenna, down into my sensory body and finally translate into my mind with knowing awareness.

The pineal gland’s micro-crystals have piezoelectric properties. Piezoelectricity is the electrical charge which accumulates in certain solid materials, such as quartz, some ceramics, bones, DNA and various proteins. Crystals also have the ability to rotate the plane of polarization of light into the higher frequency of ultraviolet. Ultraviolet is the highest frequency of the third dimensional light spectrum, and serves as a gateway into higher dimensions of the multi-verse.

While the galactic gateway is open till 12:21 Solstice, take advantage of the annual light infusion from the Great Central Sun. Breathe deeply, activate your pineal stargate, receive the Christed Light blessings from the universe. We are being touched by the divine!

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Lovingly, Meg

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