Another shift in the planetary consciousness field occurs today, as Chiron enters Aries for 8-9 years. These transits act as demarcations in the ascension plan, as the entire world crosses a threshold point into new issues of focus, discussion and healing. Chiron in Aries emphasizes the healing of our ‘identity wound’.

In the coming years we will be triggered to peel away all layers of false identity – including our social mask, family persona, pretend self, and ego mentality. Chiron will inspire us to dig deeper beneath the false layers to uncover the authentic self, our true essence and soul presence. It is our greatest wound that leads us to our greatest gift.

By peeling away the artificial layers of others’ projections of who they want us to be, we unearth our true divine essence, the essential nature of our timeless being. When we build a connection to our inner authentic self, we discover our soul purpose and mission in life. Chiron in Aries will help us discover and accept ourselves with more love, understanding and compassion.

I will be leading a global activation on Saturday, April 21st for Lightworkers to gather and co-create the 5D New Earth paradigm. Shed the false self and expand into your full soul potential. If you cannot attend the ‘live’ broadcast, the replay will be available at the event link. The recording is accessible within minutes upon completion of the show broadcast.  Register to attend here:

Lovingly, Meg

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