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  • August 8, 2017 - August 14, 2017
    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Image credit: Lion’s Gate 8:8 by Ellen McDonough of www.PlacesofLight.com

Join Quantum Healer, Meg Benedicte and co-host, Manette Mays for the 8-8 Lions Gate – Lunar Eclipse Global Activations on Tuesday, August 8th at 12pm Pacific Time. All Activations are recorded and available for Replay at the Event URL.

During the broadcast we will connect to Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15º Aquarius on August 7th and the annual 8-8 Lions Gate activation with our sister star Sirius. The Lions Gate portal occurs every August as the Blue Star Sirius rises in the morning sky with our Sun. It appears as 2 rising Suns – one in golden Light and the other in Blue frequency. When the Sun is conjunct Star Sirius it creates a Solar Stargate that pours Solar Star Codes for mastery and ascension directly from Sirius.

During this rare event, the gateway to the Great Central Sun located at the Galactic Center is open and receiving powerful photonic Light infusions to accelerate your human ascension. 8-8 Lions Gateway provides a profound opportunity to quantum leap to the next level of your spiritual growth and mastery.

Travel to the Great Central Sun and step into the Crystal Stargate with Starseeds all around the world, as Meg channels Metatron’s sacred geometry Activations. Tapping into the ancient knowledge of Zep Tepi Mystery Schools and Quantum Access™ modality, Meg will guide you through the steps to open your Portal to the Quantum Field and the Soul’s Ascension Path.

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