Excerpt from “Soul Realized: Unlocking the Sacred Keys to Becoming a Divine Human” by Meg Benedicte
“Through a series of visions and remote viewing, I discovered just how distorted and debilitated the earthly reality had become over the past centuries since the “Fall of Man.” I began to uncover a surprising holographic insertion of manipulation and mind-control that humanity has been entrapped in.
It appears that the earth plane has been invaded and controlled by a ruling ET race who owns the majority of wealth, land and political power. It led me on a journey back in time to the initial conception of a mastermind plan of mind control and genetic re-engineering that would shift the positions of power. By inserting a holographic Time Matrix into the collective, all human evolution would cease and become stuck in the polarized fluctuations of positive/negative reactions. As the airways flooded the human brain/mental body with debilitating belief systems and separation consciousness, a perceptible decline in cognitive awareness and spiritual connection occurred. Increasingly we were operating in the downward spiral of human disease, decay and eventually death … drained of our very life force and inner Spirit.
During Quantum Access™ sessions with clients, I investigated this inserted human Mind Matrix. It appears like a series of frequency fences or interlocking walls of a complex maze, blocking full cognition in the mind. It is a closed system that locked human souls in the astral plane. The portal for Soul entry into earthly incarnations had been commandeered and human souls were being redirected into this illusory holographic system and unable to transition back to Source Creator. As human souls incarnated, their re-engineered genetics entrapped them in a controlled earth plane while the reptilian brain stem was manipulated with mind-control programming.
Immediately from birth, human souls would connect and interact with the Time Matrix simulation: their subconscious mind being fed an endless stream of divisive and destructive consciousness that separated them from their Divine lineage and divine Soul presence. The artificial Mind Matrix streams debilitating programming into the family of origin, religions, cultural and societal dictates and mores, as well as the media—polluting the airwaves and controlling the subconscious mind. The simulation software develops a shadow Ego-identity that controls our lives and asserts its will in opposition to Spiritual growth and change. This Ego implant is the source of resistance that we experience when we try to surrender to the wisdom of the Soul. The Ego mind is a false identity deeply engrained and controlled by the polarizing “victim-persecutor” program, which is divisive in nature. It is the very opposite of what we need to evolve and ascend into Divine Humans.
In summary, the human mind projects a continual stream of consciousness that creates an array of ideas, visions, beliefs and judgments that propel forth like laser light into the quantum field and forms our holographic reality. Self-mastery involves observing, evaluating and reprogramming the nature of our holographic projections to better reflect our true Soul essence.”