Gaia’s geomagnetic field is pulsing with rapid fire solar X-flares exploding like hydrogen bombs at the speed of light. Incoming galactic plasma energies have been saturating the field since the Eclipses. Can it get any more intense?

This is a cosmic blueprint for massive transformation. The old hierarchy power system is collapsing under the pressure of laser light, crumbling like carbonized pieces of a dying world, revealing the brilliant diamond essence held within. As you stand in the Refiner’s Fire, the old, dank shadow dissolves, liberating your inner Light, your crystalline core. You are becoming a beacon of Light in the new timeline!

May 1st is the annual Celtic pagan festival of Beltane, a celebration of vibrant spring, nature’s wild abundance and fertility. In Celtic pagan tradition, Beltane is a feast of nature’s bounty, potent with abundant fertility, music, singing and dancing around the Maypole.

The Beltane celebration takes us back to the majestic days of Avalon. May Day initiates a month of springtime vitality, lushness and creativity. Breathe in the vibrant energy of regeneration. Soak in the sunlight, starlight and plasma light. You are becoming a crystal being again! Beltane is a potent time for bringing hopes, dreams and aspirations to life. Let’s sprinkle some Beltane magic on our seeds of Intentions and New Earth visions. As you jump the ‘threshold’ into the New Earth Timeline, you shift into a heart-centered realm of empathy, compassion and collaboration.

This past week I returned from my time in magical Glastonbury, the heart chakra of Gaia. The heart chakra is associated with love, compassion, unity – the sacred central life force of existence, the power source of the universe. The incoming plasma infusion peels away the crusty layers of ego control, initiating an internal shift, a reorientation from mind to heart. Allow the outdated beliefs, perceptions, expectations and obsessions to dissolve in the crystalline light, draining away, releasing the hold of the ego mind that separates you from spirit.

Return to center, come back to the heart, breathe deeply inside your core. Aahhh, come home inside yourself. Feel the power of your expanding heart center. Connect to your Higher Self coming alive inside your heart. Power up! It is time for your Soul to lead with the heart.

My heart is filled from connecting and merging with Gaia’s heart chakra at Glastonbury. I have so many lovely memories enjoying Beltane celebrations and ley line Activations at the Glastonbury Abbey and Tor…to name a few. Stonehenge Circle resembles the 12-circle sacred geometry of Metatron’s Cube template. Stonehenge was designed with an inner circle around an altar and the outer circle around the rim. The vibrating stones filled with quartz silica create a phi spiral vortex within Stonehenge’s circle. Here are some of the highlights from our spiritual retreat immersion. Perhaps you would like to join me next year?

The galactic X-flares continue to bathe the planet, initiating an extraordinary chrysalis transformation. Allow this galactic power to sweep through you, removing the debris of your earthly past history, cleansed anew. You are letting go of the old, dark timeline. This is a passage point of no return. Do not look back. Allow all that does not serve you, drop away. Step into the new earth timeline and transform your life. You are emerging as the divine being that is you.

Join other Light Bearers, Gridworkers, and Star Beings from all around the world for special Heart Chakra Activations on Saturday, May 18 at 12:00pm PDT. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here: