Since the powerful Solar Eclipse last Monday, its time to integrate the Eclipse upgrades into our biofield. This may be sweeping through the body in many ways…causing you to feel wobbly, light-headed, woozy, exhausted, weepy, and/or anxious. I’m finding it helps to get outside, feet on the land, breathe deeply and ground the upgrades daily until the energies have settled inside. With every step I take outside I set the intention to ground the eclipse upgrades into my being.

The intense Light surge is pushing up shadow from the depths of your being, up to the surface for release. Like ‘oil on water’, the shadow emotions, thoughts, memories and patterns are coming up for healing and clearing. Liberate yourself from the past! Salt baths also help balance any electrical over-stimulation in the body.

Due to the Eclipse upgrades, there is deep molecular transformation occurring. While in meditation, stretch your auric container to hold more and more Light consciousness. Feed the brain, neurological network and mitochondria more Light! The Eclipses are adjusting your electromagnetic field from extreme polarity into a harmonious field of ONEness. As polar opposites blend and balance within, you electromagnetism becomes smoother, less push-pull, more adaptable and pliant. You are moving into 5D Unity Consciousness.

We will be broadcasting the New Earth Central show on Wednesday, September 6th to assist with the Eclipse upgrades. The focus for the coming weeks is integration as we prepare for the Equinox Stargate on September 22nd. Register at:

Lovingly, Meg

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