Galactic energies are amping as we head into Friday’s powerful Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse Gateway. Rapid fire solar M-flares are exploding like hydrogen bombs at the speed of light. Incoming energies are saturating the field during the Eclipse corridor. Just imagine the impact of a turbo-charged Lunar Eclipse occurring on the Scorpio South Node (power struggles), just as Pluto (death/rebirth) retrogrades from 0° Aquarius (Golden Age) back into at 29° Capricorn (Patriarchy) aligning with the 55 Gateway of Change! Can it get any more intense?

This is a galactic blueprint for massive transformation. Pluto square the Nodes of Fate is hammering the corrupt hierarchy power structure. It is collapsing under the pressure of laser light, crumbling like carbonized pieces of a dying world, revealing the brilliant diamond essence held within. As you stand in the Refiner’s Fire, the old, dank shadow dissolves, liberating your inner Light. Focus on what is completing (Pluto in Capricorn) and what is coming alive inside you, birthing with passion in your heart (Pluto in Aquarius).

Step into the Eclipse 55 Gateway and cross the cosmic threshold that is waiting for you. Allow this galactic power to sweep through you, removing the debris of your earthly past history, cleansed anew. This is a passage point of no return. Do not look back. Allow all that does not serve you, drop away. Step into the Gateway and transform yourself. You are emerging as the divine being that is you.

Lovingly, Meg