In just a few hours we enter the Solar Eclipse Stargate at 15° Capricorn. The diamond-plasma galactic light wave is streaming into the planetary field.  A solar eclipse is a supercharged new moon – the perfect time for planting new seeds at the start of a New Year. The Capricorn Solar Eclipse is also amplified by a conjunction with Saturn and Pluto!

More cosmic activity arrives when Uranus turns direct on the same day. Expect the unexpected, as Uranus catalyzes a new paradigm shift. The Solar Eclipse will enhance your ability to access new opportunities and turn them into gold. The first eclipse of the 3 Universal Year initiates the physical manifestation of new beginnings. The dominant ‘earth’ energy of Capricorn and the Chinese Year of the earth pig will help you ground the 5D timelines and make them ‘earth-bound’.

Being a 3 Universal Year, 2019 symbolizes the Triad, the number of totality as it contains the beginning, middle and end. The power of three is the basic shape of the tetrahedron, also recognized as a pyramid with a triangular base. The Tetrahedron is the most fundamental pattern that crystallizes into ‘solid’ matter on Earth. The atoms of silica (quartz crystal) and oxygen bond in patterns of tetrahedrons, crystallizing over 90% of Earth’s composition.

Due to gamma photon Light frequencies, the carbon tetrahedral patterns of the body are shifting and adjusting, responding to new stimulus of intelligence in the crystal tetrahedron.. The tetrahedron accentuates the upwards momentum of the Phi Spiral into higher chakras, higher frequencies and higher dimensions. The crystalline global grids contain the pyramidal light patterns that will anchor the Light Body into the physical vessel. The 3 Universal Year will enhance your ability to physically embody your Divine essence.

The process of human evolution is accelerated through the pyramid frequencies of Light in the golden ratio, drawing Light consciousness thru the capstone – a vertical flow up and down the Chakra Channel. New wavelengths of Light Language can be projected thru the triangular tetrahedron geometry so the human mind can expand and connect with higher intelligence serving the Light.

Let’s bring heaven to earth! Join other Earth Keepers and Star Beings from all around the world, as we proclaim our global intentions and birth our New Earth. We will join together this Saturday, January 5th at 12pm Pacific Time and travel to the Eclipse Stargate at the Galactic Center to seed and anchor a new earthly paradigm.

The show is recorded for replay.  If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg