The year 2018 begins with a cosmic bang! The first Full Moon of the year is on Monday. January 1st at 11 degrees Cancer, exact at 6:24 pm PT/ 9:24pm ET and on January 2nd at 2:24am GMT. This full moon also qualifies as a Supermoon, the largest of 2018. If you are extra-sensitive, you will likely feel the effects strongly…prepare for some emotional release. This Full Moon is opposite Venus, flushing up relationship issues that need attention. Venus highlights the need for love, kindness and compassion in all our interactions with others.
What makes this Supermoon so extraordinary is it occurs on the 1st day of the 1st month at 11 degrees in an ‘11’ year. The universe is blessing us with a rare 11:11 ascension activation to start the year off! In numerology ‘11’ is a Master number that elicits deeper intuition, mysticism, spiritual growth and enlightenment. Associated with the tarot card of Justice, an 11 year will provide greater influence of balance in a year of reckoning. 11 encourages us to reach higher, to ascend into levels of consciousness that enhance our ability to manifest our goals and intentions.
In the past, it was the matrix simulation that created the reality we lived in…down to the very thoughts in our mind. In many ways humanity was a programmed race of robotic slaves that supported and sustained a very lop-sided, corrupt system. Its days are numbered!
With the matrix lockdown unraveling, more and more souls are awakening to their inner truth and reconnecting to their divine essence. The timelines are upending, loosening the hold of prescribed life plans. As 3D and 4D dissolve, it creates a strong sense of time displacement…as human reality is becoming more fluid and fluctuating in between dimensions.
With the dawn of the digital age, humanity is sliding in and out of timelines at lightning speed. We are plugged into the world wide web, disembodied and floating in virtual realms of our own making. We are consciously inserting new reality sound bites, visions, and holographic scenarios that are overriding the false matrix.
It comes down to personal choice. In the 3D world of duality, we see more and more examples of conflicting realities creating a divide between tribes. It is only when the heart can open and fill with Love that we enter the realm of unity consciousness. As the matrix loses control, we have a rare opportunity to consciously create a new world paradigm. The moment has arrived!
On Wednesday, January 3rd we will tap into the New ’11’ Year Full Moon Activations, as we set the direction of 2018 into higher realms of harmonious realities. We are alchemists ready to transform the energy on the planet. If you are called to actively influence the collective field, this work may resonate. Join other Lightworkers and Starseeds around the world in activating their crystalline codes and creating the New 5D Earth, register here:
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