New Earth

You may be wondering what exactly is the New Earth? The idea of a ‘New Earth’ has been tossed around in spiritual communities for several decades. Eckhart Tolle published a popular book A New Earth in 2005. There are New Earth Organizations popping up all around the world, focused on developing a new paradigm of harmony with all living beings on planet earth.

The ancient Mayans created a calendar to track the 2000-year galactic cycle called the ‘Great Purification’. The New Agers call it the Great Awakening. Since the momentous event on December 21st, 2012, the Matrix Simulation unlocked and all power control agreements were cancelled, null and void. The quantum field displays a mystical array of parallel outcomes…flashing as moving holographic mirrors of potential timelines. Since 2012 we’ve been experiencing two parallel timelines…the Old Earth Timeline (OET) and the New Earth Timeline (NET).

The timeline bifurcation completed on December 12, 2019. In numerology 2019 was a ‘12’ year…it was a rare 12:12:12 Gateway. Within weeks of the 12:12:12 Ascension Timeline activation, news began to spread of a coronavirus pandemic. The Old Earth Timeline (OET) of top-down hierarchal control, fascism, wealth imbalance, fear and rampant abuse was suspended – we are witnessing the collapse of this ancient Atlantean Armageddon timeline.

Since 2012 there has been an increase of brilliant photonic light consciousness streaming from the galactic center that is impacting the geomagnetic fields to morph, weaken and shift. The powerful solar/plasma waves are activating human Ascension into higher frequencies, bio-cellular transformation, and 5D Unity Consciousness. Ascension is the accelerated spiritual process – a step-by-step process to up-level into higher dimensional existence and quantum consciousness. Through the gradual healing, clearing and transmuting of dense trauma, ego control and victim mentality, ancestral patterning and unresolved karma, we evolve into higher dimensional frequencies and inner Soul embodiment. We experience the global Ascension in the New Earth Timeline.

As we edge further into the Aquarian Era, we are breathing life force into a new humanitarian paradigm. 2021 is a ‘Bridge’ year between two distinct timelines. The Wayshowers are being called to assist the waves of change in the direction of Unity Consciousness. International Quantum Healer, Meg Benedicte created the New Earth website in 2002 to support the Wayshowers in birthing our New Earth paradigm in this new timeline.

If you are so called, please join me in filling the field with our heart-felt visions and Intentions for DC and America at this time:

I call on the New Earth crystalline template of Peace, Harmony and Unity Consciousness to seed and grow in Washington DC…as we birth alive a just and fair center for leadership in the Aquarian Era! I call on the hearts of all Americans to unite and join together in braving a new world different from the past Era, a new world fueled with Love and Light. I call on all Beings of Light to infuse the Washington Monument Obelisk, Gaia’s 156th Chakra, to ignite with the LOVE vibration! We set this into motion NOW! And So It Is!