While you are moving through the Pisces Solar Eclipse window to the soul, it is an opportune time to address any lingering imbalances or negative polarity for healing/clearing. The Eclipse Stargate works in your favor to turbo-charge your Ascension acceleration beyond the common hurdles and quagmires of resistance. Take this time to quantum leap to the next level!

It has been 10 days since the Leo Lunar Eclipse and already so much has been ‘shaken loose’. Can you sense/feel the new energies pulsing around you? The eclipse window concludes early Sunday morning on Feb 26th with a Solar Eclipse at 8 º Pisces. You can expect more heightened sensitivity, psychic illumination and visions.

Pisces blurs the edges, allowing you to investigate parallel timelines, alternate realities, and potential outcomes. Open your mind to new solutions, situations and life experiences. This solar eclipse cracks open the seams in dimensions and reveals the higher 5D field of consciousness to all who seek transformation. During the eclipse window, you can:

Clear Matrix Simulation programming: this includes dissolving victim mentality, poverty/lack lineage, Ego insecurities, fear/blame/guilt, separation/disconnection, Ego control/domination, and polarized thinking (me against them).

Embrace a new fluid movement/motion from one moment to the next: the Pisces Eclipse enhances your natural ability to flow with energy, deepen spiritual connection, achieve more enlightenment, and experience more synchronicities.

Connect to Higher Self: as you metabolize Light daily into your morphogenetic field, you assist in activating the dormant multi-dimensional strands of DNA that correspond to your Higher Self. It is this process that opens the channel to your Higher Self, so that you may follow spiritual guidance in your daily life.

Shift Inner Circle: as you raise your frequency, it is common to see friends and family members drop away. You begin to recognize that your frequencies no longer match, are not in resonance. This can open your field to energy attacks from the people around you. As your ‘heart magnetics’ fill with higher Light/Love frequency, you attract in new people, places, and life experiences that align with your Higher Self.

With only 6 days remaining till the 2nd Eclipse, do ceremony/meditations that support and strengthen your Higher Self connection and Soul purpose. Take time to ground in nature, eat ‘live’ foods and fill your heart center with Soul Presence. You are creating an entirely new holographic world reality flowing in Unity Consciousness.

Join other Light Warriors from around the world for the Solar Eclipse Global Activations on Saturday, February 25th at 12pm PT. Register at: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=14805

Lovingly, Meg

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