Quantum Access® Academy

Drawing from 20 years of Ascension experience, Meg Benedicte has developed the Quantum Access® Academy, teaching the time-tested technique that will rocket you into the stratosphere of higher consciousness, so that you too can alter the direction of your life forever. Meg offers training for both personal application and professional certification.
By bridging the principles of Quantum Physics with Metaphysics and the ancient alchemy of Zep Tepi Egyptian Mystery Schools and Metatron technology, Quantum Access® will improve your personal health, wellbeing and spiritual evolution.
In the neutral null-zone of Zero Point we can merge the virtual-particle universe of Spirit into the particle universe of matter…creating balanced wholeness! Quantum Access® will transform the mind, body, spirit consciousness to gradually pulse at a higher frequency, now nourished by a new source of divine life force. When we use the powerful Quantum Access® Activatons, we are creating a portal for the Soul to descend into the physical vessel, embodied in ONEness.
The Quantum Access® Level 1 Course for Certified Practitioners is designed to fully equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills and technical approach to effectively practice the Quantum Access® technique with clientele. At the completion of Level 1 Training and ‘live’ demonstrations of Quantum Access® technique, students will receive a Level 1 Practitioner Certificate.
Step into the Quantum Vortex and ACCELERATE your energy frequency and personal Ascension into living as a Divine Human. Join other Spiritual Leaders in this cutting-edge consciousness movement as we birth alive a New 5D Earth.
Practitioner Certification Level 1 Course will be available May 2020.
Requirements: Applicants are required to have mastered basic intuitive, psychic abilities to read, sense and interpret energy. Students are required to be using the Quantum Access® modality in their personal meditation and healing process for 1 year prior to Certification Course.

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