Quantum Access Training

Drawing from 20 years of Ascension experience, Meg Benedicte has developed Quantum Access™, the time-tested technique that will rocket you into the stratosphere of higher consciousness, so that you too can alter the direction of your life forever. By bridging the principles of Quantum Physics with Metaphysics and the ancient alchemy of Zep Tepi Egyptian Mystery Schools, the 3 Level Ascension Training Course will improve your personal health, wellbeing and Spiritual evolution. You will learn how to use your energy in the quantum field, shifting into the vertical quantum flow of life force. Let go of old patterns that no longer work in the new 5D paradigm.

Step into the Quantum Vortex and ACCELERATE your energy frequency and personal Ascension into living as a Divine Human. Join other Spiritual Leaders in this cutting-edge consciousness movement as we birth alive a New 5D Earth.

Quantum Access™ Level 1 – Divine Destiny Course
Quantum Access™ Level 2 – 5D Quantum Living Course
Quantum Access™ Level 3 – Merkaba Light Body Course

The Quantum Access™ Online Course includes downloadable Training Handouts, Exercises, and recorded Ascension Activations. The Ascension Online Training is a stair-step process that builds upon each level. You will receive login details to the Training Dashboard to work with the course material at your own pace.

Some comments from our students:

“I enjoyed everything about it from the handouts to the explanations and activations and the fact I could listen to the event in my own timeline. Very well organized:)” – Staci

“your perspective gave some new angles for me to look at things. This brought me to some very important insights that came to me during the workshop about how I have still get in my own way, and clearly only someone who has already gone through such inner work could shed such light. I am deeply grateful for your personal stories as they really brought things home for me. A BIG THANK YOU!” – Malki’el
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“The experience! It was very powerful. My favorite part was doing the vortex meditation. Thank you Meg for what you do and for being willing to teach us how we can reach higher levels. You are truly a blessing to all.” – Barbara

“Your wisdom Meg, and the sound frequencies of your words in the class, were a tone of Home for me. Everything you shared, and the way you shared it, resonated fully and clearly. I felt like I was with soul family in the class. And words cannot express how I felt when you began talking about the oversoul and the wheel analogy. I have been getting deep messages about that for the past 6-10 years. And its connections to the merkaba, and our sense of infinite freedom and expansion. So this class was an amazing cosmic key for me, opening possibilities and affirming soul connections and soul path. Keep doing this work. You are sounding messages that many need to hear. And are ready to hear. To activate soul path!” – Marie

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