Quantum Access Level 2 Online Training Course



Level 2 – 5D Quantum Living

Online Downloadable Training Course

The Quantum Access Online Course includes downloadable Training Handouts, Exercises, and recorded Ascension Activations. The Ascension Online Training is a stair-step process that builds upon each level. You will receive login details to the Training Dashboard to work with the course material at your own pace. Class summary

Class summary

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module 2

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Join Meg Benedicte for a Spiritual Immersion in the ancient Art of Alchemy dating back to Zep Tepi Mystery Schools in Egypt.

In this Online Training Course you will learn how to:

  • Enhance physical health, increase energy frequency,  protect personal space and stop empathing others…
  • Learn non-attachment, appropriate exchange of 5D energy, eliminate parasitic relationships, opening the flow of abundance…
  • Master the Ego, activate the Torus, access the Quantum Field of all possibilities…and many more 5D tips!

You will receive the URL and password to access the Training Dashboard with the download files for Handouts and Exercises, Ascension Activations and recorded training sessions.

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