Crystal Light Body Webinar



Enjoy this 2+ hour online course with Meg Benedicte on activating the Crystal Light Body. Webinar includes video presentation, audio recording, written handout and ‘live’ Activations.

The original human ancestors carry the cellular memory of soul union in their genetic blueprint. Our goal within this Cosmic Ascension Plan is to come full circle and realize the full potential of the original human tribe – converting from carbon to crystalline.

Quartz crystal comes from silica, and acts as an amplifier and transformer of energy. We find silica in the blood, in the pineal, in the spinal cord and central nervous system. The Crystal Light Body template is located in the morphic field waiting to be activated.

Upon purchase, you will receive email with link to access all the download files for this webinar. Please copy/paste the link to your browser if the hyperlink is broken. Download the video/audio/pdf files to your device.


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