Spring of Life Joint Tonic herbal extract


Uses: Nourishes, supports/helps heal and relieve pain of injured or arthritic joints.

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Size:  1 oz. tincture with dropper

Ingredients:Willow bark Angelica root Devil’s Club Balm of Gilead Licorice Bogbean Balsam Poplar twigs Red Cohosh   Teasel Burdock root Figwort root Oregon Grape Nettles herb Figwort leaf Cascara Sagrada Sarsaparilla root     Chaparral Yerba Mansa Spikenard root Mountain spring water and Biodynamic grape alcohol (30-35%) 

Suggested Use: 1 – 3 droppers-full (30 – 90 drops) 3 to 5 times a day with water.

Spring of Life extracts are made with robust and lively, freshly gathered herbs, which are wildcrafted with care near Mount Shasta and in other wild places of the western states, unless specified otherwise.

Spring of Life is the creation and passion of Mr. Keith Hess.

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