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Zero Point Energy is found in a vacuum state within the Black Hole of a Vortex that produces a zero gravity field. Now considered a powerful source of unlimited energy, the Zero Point exists as the portal to the quantum field, between the microcosm and the macrocosm. It exists as the natural pulse of life between particles and virtual particles, like a cosmic ‘heartbeat’ that fuels our Universe.

The study of geometric relationships to wave interaction (sound) has proven that music has healing powers, as it could “harmonize” the out-of-balance body. When human brainwaves synchronize with universal harmonics and the sacred geometry of Phi, the human DNA genetic programming is coded to remember all at Zero Point(Unity Consciousness).

Activate the Quantum Vortex and escalate your personal growth and evolution, without having to endure endless breakdowns of ego resistance and stuck emotions. Move into the stillness of the vacuum effect and disperse the rigid energy of fear and trauma to release. Open your inner channel to come alive and pulse with joy and creative inspiration!

Developed by Meg Benedicte, Founder of Quantum Access, Zero Point Harmonics initiates spiritual awakening and activates locked DNA codes and consciousness within the Bioenergetics.

Guided into a deeply expanded meditative state within the spinning Quantum Vortex, Meg assists participants to raise their vibratory rate, connect with inner spirit, and spin Soul presence into the physical, mental and emotional bodies, creating a state of Sacred Union. Each Quantum Access Activation is coded and embedded by Meg Benedicte with sacred geometry of Metatron to neutralize the gravitational field, access the 12 Dimensions, open the Crown Chakra portal and descend Soul Presence into the human energy field.

The Zero Point Harmonics Audio Activation is designed to synchronize brainwaves into a non-polarized, relaxed state, which enhances the Bioenergetic environment required for soul-body integration and accelerated personal evolution.

Not only does harmonic sound waves effectively create biological coherence, but the acoustic scales of Phi Harmonics in 432 hertz unifies all properties of the electromagnetic field with the DNA codes and cosmic consciousness in resonance.

When all human systems are aligned with intentioned thought combined with sound harmonics within the Zero Point of Quantum Access, the portal to the quantum field of all possibilities opens up to us!

The Zero Point Harmonics are combined with the powerful Quantum Access Activations to synchronize brainwaves into a non-polarized, relaxed, coherent state, which enhances the bioenergetic environment required for soul-body integration and accelerated personal evolution.

The CD includes:

Track 1 – Intro (4 min)

Track 2 – Zero Point Harmonics Quantum AccessTM Activations (26 Minutes)

Track 3 – Zero Point Harmonics Tones (30 Minutes)

Cymatic Mandala of Zero Point Harmonics in 432 Hz created by John Stuart Reid at cymascope

For more information about brainwave harmonics & loads of powerful guided meditations with embedded harmonics, please visit

1 review for Zero Point Harmonics mp3

  1. Pia (verified owner)

    I like very much this meditation/activation and also the soundtrack only. I very often listen simlply to the soundtrack during the day – in my car, at work, at home,…
    The meditation is great and helps me to achieve inner balance after having spent my day in the chaos field… The background music supports a lot my meditation!
    Thank you very much, Meg!!

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