Zero Point Key Codes Webinar



Quantum Access Training Webinar includes 2 hour video course presentation, ‘Live’ Activations and written handout.

Learn how to activate the sacred keys of Ascension from ancient Mystery Schools. Quantum Healer, Meg Benedicte will explore alchemical principles and key codes to increase energy frequency, expand force field, establish zero point, activate kundalini, clear chakras, initiate merkaba light body, eliminate Duality and embody Soul Presence.
Discover how to accelerate your personal Ascension with Meg’s powerful technique, Quantum Access. Lecture includes powerful demonstration and activations.
In This Powerful, Potent Workshop You Will Learn:
• Creation begins as vibrating sounds, lights and colors emanating from sacred geometry as consciousness
• Accelerate your energy frequency – feel lighter, more coherent joy
• Quite the 3D mind and expand the heart with LOVE vibration
• Break free of Duality and polarized programming – open your channel to Higher Self
• Increase Soul Presence and Soul embodiment
• Discover how to utilize Metatronian geometry to activate the merkabic light body
• Create zero point energy – the vacuum state source in a torus continuum
• The 12 around 1 geometric blueprint connects us to endless dimensional holographic realities
Upon purchase, you will receive email with link to access all the download files for this webinar. Please copy/paste the link to your browser if the hyperlink is broken. Download the video/audio/pdf files to your device.



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