Quantum Access® Practitioner Directory

Practitioner Directory

Katie Rose – Certified Quantum Access ® Level 1 & 2 Practitioner
Quantum Access ® unlocks the pathway to a profound understanding, awareness and embodiment of one’s Soul nature; leads to the discovery of our Soul gifts; and aids us in our service to others while manifesting a purpose-full and joy-filled, abundant life. It can be experienced in one-on-one sessions for deep clearing as a daily practice of meditation that brings us into the NOW moment or in groups.

Katie’s personal journey has provided firsthand experience through many personal challenges and stages of life. Her professional journey as an Educator and later a Trauma Services Specialist (15+ years) focused on guiding others in taking the next steps to wholeness. She has actively used Quantum Access Modality in her personal daily meditation practices for two years, as a Gridmaster in a group setting and now as a Quantum Access® Certified Practitioner.

Questions! Katie is happy to meet with you to answer questions or discuss options and to assist you in taking the next step on your Soul Journey. Contact support@roseenergetics.com or visit https://www.roseenergetics.com