Quantum Access® Practitioner Directory

Practitioner Directory

(In Alphabetical Order)

Shirley Hilzinger – Certified Quantum Access ® Level 1 & 2 Practitioner
 Through intuitive listening and the methods of Quantum Access® and Akashic record readings, I tune into what your soul has come here to express through you, as a person, in this lifetime.  Combined with my nurse practitioner background, I am able to offer whole-life healing, bringing all aspects of Self into harmony.

I also specialize in working with children and/or the parent-child relationship. Many children born today are coming in to anchor and live a 5D life. However, the 3D is still active enough that they have difficulty integrating into their bodies/lives.  This can present quite a challenge for both child and parent.

If you are ready for a quantum leap in your personal and spiritual life, I am ready to assist.  Please feel free to view my website at www.hilzingerharmonics.com or contact me via email at shilzinger@hilzingerharmonics.com

Katie Rose – Certified Quantum Access ® Level 1 & 2 Practitioner
Quantum Access ® unlocks the pathway to a profound understanding, awareness and embodiment of one’s Soul nature; leads to the discovery of our Soul gifts; and aids us in our service to others while manifesting a purpose-full and joy-filled, abundant life. It can be experienced in one-on-one sessions for deep clearing as a daily practice of meditation that brings us into the NOW moment or in groups.

Katie’s personal journey has provided firsthand experience through many personal challenges and stages of life. Her professional journey as an Educator and later a Trauma Services Specialist (15+ years) focused on guiding others in taking the next steps to wholeness. She has actively used Quantum Access Modality in her personal daily meditation practices for two years, as a Gridmaster in a group setting and now as a Quantum Access® Certified Practitioner.

Questions! Katie is happy to meet with you to answer questions or discuss options and to assist you in taking the next step on your Soul Journey. Contact support@roseenergetics.com or visit https://www.roseenergetics.com

Lola SolRa – Certified Quantum Access ® Level 1 & 2 Practitioner
After years of ‘part time’ spiritual practices, in the early 2000s Lola left a career in the corporate world to dedicate her energies to full time meditation practices. During that time, she traveled extensively, visiting many sacred sites and living with spiritual communities. She had the privilege of meeting many teachers that helped her navigate the unconscious realms of the human psyche, bringing deep healing and integration of her fragmented aspects. Since then, she have been assisting others to do the same, by helping them reconnect deeply to their hearts and the multidimensional nature of their Souls.

In 2017 she met Meg Benedicte and her healing modality – Quantum Access®. Lola finally found an amazing tool for the speeding up of human evolution. Its powerful effect on the clearing of dissonant energies from the auric field and the realignment to each individual with their Soul’s energy is profound and revolutionary. She has integrated the Quantum Vortex technique to her own practices and now use it as the main modality when working with clients.

If you would like to find out more on Lola’s work and how the Quantum Access® modality can help change your life, please visit her website on https://www.alightonthegrid.org or contact her on one2one@alightonthegrid.org

Candice Souza – Certified Quantum Access ® Level 1 & 2 Practitioner
As a Soul Growth Facilitator and Healing Arts Practitioner since 1993, I utilize my personal experience and training as a Certified Quantum Access Level 2 Practitioner to support my client’s journey into healing while experiencing a balanced soul-integrated life for themselves.

I hold a sacred space for clients that fully honors the Universal Law of Sovereignty. My loving intention is that as a client you reach and maintain your soul embodiment to the highest degree possible for you in this lifetime. I hold space and facilitate your journey into finding your sweet spot of wholeness and peace while releasing that which no longer serves you.

I currently reside in California where I enjoy time with my family while enjoying watching my children evolve into the great humans that they are and also spending time with my grandchildren. I love sharing time with them and teaching them about permaculture, soul integration, other cultures and the sacredness of the earth.

It is a profound honor to walk alongside you on your journey. Lovingly,  Candice

Please visit my website: https://alaeaokaaina.com/ or  contact me at https://alaeaokaaina.com/contact/