I’ve been working with Lightworkers for over 25 years and have been observing their interest and passion in developing a Spiritual Practice but struggling to stick with it. I get it! Life can be distracting, especially when the world is in upheaval. But this is when we need a Spiritual Practice even more.

Add to this the ever-present ego resistance to ‘all things spiritual’ and a continuous stream of addicting digital programming from our televisions, laptops and phones. It’s a monumental task to maintain a calm center and spiritual connection while living in a chaos field.

Thank god/dess for AA Metatron! I would not be here without  AA Metatron’s brilliance, benevolence, loving support and guidance as I navigated the global storm of 3D density and disconnection. AA Metatron has gifted all of us a powerful Ascension Tool we can apply in our daily life. It is designed to assist and accelerate our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual evolution. AA Metatron is leading the way to becoming a Divine Human.

I will be teaching AA Metatron’s technology in upcoming Webinars and Self-Study Courses (more coming in 2023) in support of your personal alchemical transformation. On Wednesday, November 30 I will be offering a ‘Live’ Zoom Webinar on how to Accelerate Spiritual Awakening and tips on how to apply AA Metatron’s Ascension Tool in your Spiritual Practice.

Lovingly, Meg

Webinar Price $55 (Details Below)

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