In just hours the powerful 12:12 Gateway portal will be active for 10 days, during the alignment with the galactic center located at 26° Sagittarius.  All of 2022 led us to this moment! There is a perceptible shift occurring in the collective field. It is a harbinger of new thought, new ideas, new solutions, new consciousness. Those who are galactic beings respond to stargate activity with heightened intuitive instinct and active involvement. You are transmitters and receivers of light.  You are influencing the field.

I heard the call ten years ago during 2012, when I was compelled to relocate to Mount Shasta to do more of my Soul’s work. It came up unexpectedly, being pulled to my connection with the mountain’s powerful root chakra vortex portal. The 12 harmonic tones vibrated within my Merkaba Torus, synching my biofield with the 12D celestial frequencies humming and vibrating in Gaia’s grid. 12 is the activation code. It is pulsing strongly in the field right now!

During the 12:12 – 12:21 Gateway, your bioelectric field attunes to the ascension consciousness encoded in the galactic plasma photonic light. When you travel to the galactic center and step into the 12:12 stargate, the 12 crystal rays of the 12 universal dimensions will ignite more of the dormant 12 strands of DNA embedded in the double helix. You are in the process of becoming divine humans.

As Gaia enters the zero point portal of the galactic center at 26° Sagittarius, your bioenergetics receives a surge of crystalline code activations. The dormant multi-dimensional DNA unlocks and awakens with sentient consciousness. Your Soul’s crystal ascension codes awaken as the genetic structure evolves into quantum unfoldment. Your Soul crystalline DNA attunes to the galactic lattice of light filaments through entanglement. You begin to entrain with your galactic origin, your Soul’s homestar frequencies. Your home starlight awakens your dormant Light Body, awakening the spiritual nature of your being. It is a homecoming and an awakening!

The human race is experiencing waves upon waves of sentient consciousness awakening their higher brain centers and psychic awareness. The veils are dissolving, the lights turning ON. Upon my spiritual awakening, I was guided to draw a circle with 12 points and spin. Little did I know it would evolve into Metatron’s Cube activation of 12 light beams attuned to phi harmonics spiraling into the Quantum Vortex. Let’s celebrate the magic of 12! During the 12:12 Gateway, you have the opportunity to up-level into more divine Soul actualization. This is AA Metatron’s gift to humanity!

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Lovingly, Meg

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