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There are just a few days left of the powerful Venus retrograde transit, completing this Saturday, April 15th…the day of our Spring Attunement Global Activations. Venus Retro inspires the resurgence of feminine qualities like intuition and empathy…grossly missing from much of the world. Without the divine feminine right-brain infusion, many left-brain dominated people tend towards religious zealousness and cult-like behavior.

With so many planets in reverse during April, we are getting a shot in the arm to rebalance our feminine/masculine energy and align with more Soul truth and purpose. The global collective is undergoing a massive attunement, as the Aries Sun moves into position with the Uranus-Eris conjunction. Expect more shake-ups, unexpected developments, flip-turns, and shocking revelations! Nothing will seem the same as we move into new energies.

Mercury just switched retrograde on April 9th, digging up old pastimes and patterns for review. Saturn’s retrograde phase instills more discipline and integrity in thought, deed and action. Pluto, the planet of transformation, travels into the underworld…dredging up hidden shadow for transmutation.

It is the time of Reckoning, when everyone is facing their inner demons and the collective imbalances. This is not an easy transition, many are experiencing increased anxiety as the dirt is kicked to the surface. In every moment you have the choice to transmute shadow or hide from it. At this point in the global ascension, denial will no longer produce the same results. It may show up in your health or relationships, but it will persist.

If there ever was the need for daily spiritual practice, now is that time. As the intensity ramps up, the human self requires extra loving care. The standard routine is not enough. You may require more rest, sleep, meditation, time in nature, extra balancing, healthy raw meals, healing herbs, ‘live’ water, quiet silence. Breathe!

Our role as Light Warriors is to anchor and embody crystalline Light and spread Love across the planet. We are here at this momentous time to deconstruct the corrupt, authoritarian regime and birth a harmonious New Earth. Support your accelerated transformation so that you can actively participate in the birthing process.

Join other Light Warriors from around the world for the Spring Attunement Global Activations on Saturday, April 15th at 12pm PT. Register at:

Lovingly, Meg

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