I recently discovered a new series on Netflix called ‘Travelers’. This is one of the better shows to explore the complex reality of being a ‘Walk-In’ soul into a host incarnation. Speaking from personal experience as a Walk-In soul, I can relate to the traumatic shock that comes with finding yourself in someone else’s body, thought forms, emotional reactions, limiting beliefs, lack of maturity, addictions, karmic debt, and dysfunctional relationships/family. Time Traveler’s Unite!

As you adjust and ground into the host reality, your Soul begins to make its presence known. There ensues a push-pull between your consciousness and the host’s ego personality. Within the first week on planet earth, I started feeling pulled in new directions, new interests, and an awakened focus on the Cosmic Ascension plan. One of the benefits of entering the earth plane as a Walk-In, is the Soul is not stuck in the Matrix Simulation. I started reading energy, seeing parallel timelines, talking to my Higher Self and activating my personal Ascension process.

It is a mystery how many Walk-In souls are here, but there is a growing number of awakened Light Workers assisting the global Ascension into 5th dimension. The visiting souls have traveled far and wide to support the shift into unity consciousness.  Along with our Galactic Family, we are here to support the native people in reclaiming their beloved Gaia away from the destructive reptilian race wars and the dark Archon forces.

Igniting 2017 with a bang is the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Feb 10-11th in 22 degrees Leo…22 degrees is the ancient symbol of Mastership. The Leo-Aquarius axis represents the historical influence of Atlantis. This event is stirring up deep-seeded memories of past-life trauma during the collapse of Atlantis. That timeline is over-lapping our current earth timeline, blurring the lines of potential outcomes. All Starseeds and Light Workers are present on Gaia right now to prevent another repeat of the catastrophic Atlantian destruction.

When we view current events through the lens of the bigger picture, we have entered the Ascension phase of radical transformation and reinvention.  Combine the cosmic astrology with your very own Soul blueprint, and you will feel inspired, activated and compelled to take action on behalf of humanity and Gaia. We will see more and more protests and marches designed to shift the tidal wave of collective consciousness into more harmony, compassion, and respect for all life. United we stand! These are the end days for the fallen Archons, as more and more dark entities are being escorted out of the earth plane.

While Saturn moves through Sagittarius this year there is an additional illuminating effect from the Galactic Center. This shines a revealing spotlight on society’s rigid religious dogma, rules and propaganda. The galactic photonic infusion penetrates these archaic control programs so that humanity may awaken and embrace their true divine power within.

Pluto has been trekking through Capricorn since 2008, opposing the United States birth sun in Cancer, triggering a series of dramatic shifts and reboots deep within the establishment. This leads us to this week’s Presidential Inauguration on January 20th – when the sun will be 0 degree Aquarius. This degree is “A meeting of men responsible for executive decisions in world affairs. It is the power to assume responsibility for crucial choices arrived at after mature discussions with those who share this power”.

Mars will be exact square with Saturn that day, activating the fiery energy of revolutionary protest marches. Mars then moves into Aries on January 27th, activating more turbulent energy in conjunction with Uranus and Eris already making waves in Aries. If 2016 was the year that revealed the dark side of racism, sexism and xenophobia, then 2017 is the year to unlock the entrenched hold of the global cabal.

Our role as Light Workers is to carry the flame of LOVE and TRUTH within our hearts, to speak out to protect our water, air, land, food supply, health care and human rights. We cannot depend on the ruling elite to fix the destruction of thousands of years. It is our role to shift the collective into the New Earth paradigm and redirect our future away from the imposing Atlantian timeline. You are up to the challenge and are supported from the heavens. Hold a solid vision in your mind of our loving, harmonious home on earth. Namaste!

Lovingly, Meg

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