During April four planets will appear traveling in reverse or retrograde – Venus, Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto. Saturn turned retro on April 6th, Mercury travels retrograde on April 9th and Pluto reverses on April 20th.

Venus has been traveling reverse in Aries, then entered Pisces until April 15th. Venus has traveled into a close conjunction with Chiron that will trigger emotional healing these coming two weeks. In a patriarchal regime, women are suffering. Venus – Chiron elevates centuries-long societal feminine imbalance to levels of understanding, reflection, outrage and indignation. Don’t expect this issue to drop away!

As long as society/religions denigrate the divine feminine, humanity struggles to survive without any nourishment. For it is the lush, fertile feminine flow of life force that supplies nourishment to the soul. It is a fluid flow of replenishment. In order to receive in life, we need to become less rigid and more fluid and receptive. We need to embrace and embody our true divine feminine energy to live as divine humans.

Currently the authoritarian patriarchal regime still turns to suppression and violence as the solution. Venus – Chiron is rattling that outdated cage! While navigating four planetary retrogrades in April, humanity is being ‘dealt the deck’ of karmic reckoning. No rock goes unturned. Past solutions are no longer tolerable. Too many are awake now, demanding moral, ethical, compassionate and equitable solutions. We are witnessing the new paradigm coming alive!

This Sunday, April 9th, Mercury turns retrograde in early Taurus and turns direct on May 3rd in Aries, joining the Uranus-Eris conjunction. With the footprint of revolutionary chaos, Mercury stirs the pot of discontent. With so many planets in retrograde, the cosmos presents an opportunity for timeline reversals and deep purification. Observe any imbalances that arise and drop outdated dead weight. As you continue to spiral higher into new levels of existence, set free old timelines that no longer resonate and follow the flow of redirection into your most authentic reality.

We are in the midst of a global attunement and reset! The patriarchal regime is losing power, breaking apart at the seams. With a bit more peaceful pressure, we can topple the enslavement system and step into freedom.

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Lovingly, Meg

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