As we migrate from the old power system into the new circular operating system, we need to adjust and adapt to new code and consciousness. It requires a significant rewiring in our thought process, perspective, and alignment with how we think, sense and function. Instead of fighting our way to the top of the pyramid, we no longer need to effort or compete. It is a complete re-orientation into a circular system that recycles and restores energy exertion. The new operating system is designed to regenerate health, happiness and infinite energy resources…a self-sourcing ecosystem for all involved.

This may sound like an impossible task. Which is why we are being assisted from high above, being ‘touched by god’. There are certain celestial codes that initiate the circular operating system. The ‘Triangle within the Circle’ is the ancient geometric template for multidimensional access. Embedded in Metatron’s Cube are the encoded ‘triangles within circles’ that activate a portal to the quantum field of infinite energy. Once that portal is open, you will never need to strive or struggle against the crowd again.

Working with Metatron’s Cube encoded geometry will gradually activate a continuum in your energy field. As you transition from the rat race of the pyramidal power structure, you immerge into the new operating system of the merkaba torus. Living in a continuum relies on maintaining zero point coherence, of self-perpetuating balancing polarities in a chaos field. We are evolving beyond a punishing chaotic reality into masters of centropy, the ability to transform matter from negative entropy (disorder).

Encoded in Metatron’s Cube is the double inverted triangles that activate the merkaba, the geometry of toroidal momentum. The merkaba torus is the fundamental form of balanced energy flow found in sustainable systems at all scales. Magnetic fields around planets and stars, and whole galaxies themselves are all toroidal energy systems. Every atom in your body is a mini-torus. One of the key characteristics of the torus is at its very center, the entire system forms a vacuum state in a point of ultimate balance and stillness — in other words, perfect centeredness. This is called zero point balance.

As you see, the universe operates on the circular spin momentum of the Torus. The Torus taps into the abundant quantum flow that is generated in rotating magnetic fields…harmonic resonance unlocks the power. The new circular operating system is the toroidal circulation of infinite life force. We’ve been living in an artificially inserted power structure, the parasitic, top-down imbalanced power distribution. It could only last so long, until the resources drained out. We’ve reached the point of no return.

We either evolve or die. The collective is being compelled to acclimate to the universal circulating system of renewable energy. The New Earth operating system is the circular torus momentum, a balanced whole of coherence. It is our birthright, and it is available now.

Lovingly, Meg