Just a quick update on upcoming events as we move into October… there is a Full Moon at 12º Aries on Thursday, October 5th at 11:40am PT/ 2:40pm ET. This week’s Full Moon is also square Pluto (now moving direct) and opposite Mercury.

The Aries Full Moon message is be brave, focused, independent and driven to transcend struggle and strife in your life! You are dealing with an imposed global control matrix…don’t accept anything that oppresses your divine sovereignty!

Take this moment to explore and acknowledge your inner strengths? Learn to trust your own power and use it wisely, carefully and responsibly. Remember that your thoughts, feelings and actions ripple out into the quantum field and affect the collective. Send out loving intentions and visualize life-affirming outcomes.

There is another impactful upcoming cosmic event taking place next week when Jupiter moves into Scorpio on October 10th for 13 months. Jupiter represents the truth-seeker, expanding all it touches, and in Scorpio illuminates the hidden shadow side of power, sex and wealth. During Jupiter’s stay in Scorpio, the shadow realm could gain more power or be exposed…it is up to us how this unfolds.

We’re still integrating the powerful Eclipse/Equinox upgrades as we move towards the year-end Solstice Stargate activations with the Galactic Center. We will be broadcasting several Global Activations at precise moments when the gateways are open:

Saturday, October 21st – October Global Activations at 12pm PT

Saturday, November 11th – 11:11 Global Activations at 12pm PT

Tuesday, December 12th – 12:12 Global Activations at 12pm PT

Thursday, December 21st –Solstice Global Activations at 12pm PT

Demands for justice and liberty are increasing, as corruption among the 1% continue to dominate the news. The system won’t change unless we shake it up!

Don’t miss these timely Ascension Activations as we prepare for December’s annual Solstice Stargate infusion. I will post more details as we get closer to the cosmic events. The solar light can be challenging for the physical body to assimilate…make sure to hydrate, breathe deeply, meditate and ground in nature. We are training our body to metabolize light and live on Love. Maintain your Still Point of balance!

Lovingly, Meg

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