There is a rare Venus – Mars conjunct in Virgo happening today, October 5, 2017, which won’t happen again until August 2019. In astrology, Venus represents the Divine Feminine and Mars represents the Divine Masculine. When Venus and Mars unite together in Virgo, the sign of service, it encourages more love for the planet and for each other.
Today’s conjunction highlights issues of polarized disconnection between the masculine and feminine in our personal energy field, in our relationships and in our lives. Venus and Mars remind us to bring more union and balance within our hearts, our personality, our actions and interactions with others.
Since the Solar Eclipse, I’ve been noticing more aggressive interference occurring between twin flames and soul mate partners. The dark forces are trying to tear apart loving unions and disconnect the masculine/feminine energies through 3rd party interference and false accusations.
Take a moment today to reinforce the sacred union of your masculine/feminine Oneness within your heart and energy field. As you bless the sacred marriage within your being, your heart magnetism attracts more Love into your life. Thank you Venus and Mars for blessing us today with the divine Love of wholeness!
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Lovingly, Meg
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