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SHEcorporated Magazine May 2023 – Infinite Quantum Possibilities by Meg Benedicte

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April 2014 – ‘Want to Change Your Life’ by Meg Benedicte



January 2023 – sample of articles on



April 2014 – ‘Eclipse Sets up the Golden Cross’ by Meg Benedicte
March 2012 – ‘Doorway to Dimensions’ by Meg Benedicte


‘”Dare to Dream” Interview with Debbi Dachinger – July 2023

Enlightening podcast discussion on 5D New Earth with ‘live’ Podcast Activations of Plasma Light Body….here is the replay:

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Tanya Penny, Self-Love Catalyst, Vibrant Body & Abundant Life Coach, created this expert series to support you to fully live your healthy, passionate, purposeful life with abundance and freedom. We will be discussing the 10 keys that will support you to fully heal & receive all in your life. PLUS we will be offering free life-shifting gifts!  Listen to Replay:

“Live’ Radio Broadcasts hosted by Dr. Pat Baccili

Special Guest – Meg Benedicte