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For the past 20 years, Meg Benedicte has been sharing Quantum Access™ in her private healing practice and with international audiences in Webinars, Meditations, radio shows, CDs and her book, Soul Realized: Unlocking the Sacred Keys of Becoming a Divine Human.

Recent Posts

Gamma Photon Light Infusion!

We often hear from the religious zealots that humanity has entered the ‘End Times’ and is preparing for the ‘Rapture’. The Christian Bible predicts a time in history when believers will rise in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. We see similar New Age conviction...

Equinox-Eclipse Stargate Portal Infusion

Utilizing the heightened frequencies that entered the Equinox-Eclipse Stargate portal, you have the opportunity to accelerate to the next level of your Ascension. The trick is to open your energy field to the higher energy frequencies. This is not accomplished thru...

5D Ascension Stargate Infusion

What an extraordinary week it has been! We have been so blessed with such a powerful infusion of gamma ray Light intelligence while the Eclipse-Equinox Stargate was open. I was called to be on the mountain during the Blood Moon Eclipse this past Saturday. While the...

Blood Moon Eclipse Stargate Infusion!

Eclipses usually come in pairs, two weeks apart. The first Eclipse occurred on September 12/13 in Virgo. The 2nd Eclipse arrives tomorrow night, Sunday, September 27th at 7:11pm PT. It happens to be the closest supermoon of 2015. This Sunday’s full moon is also called...

Equinox-Blood Moon Eclipse Stargate is OPEN!

The Cosmic Ascension Plan initiated sweeping change to life on Gaia, causing a ripple-effect deep into the dimensional grids during the final years of the Galactic Alignment. This week we are in the midst of some of the most extraordinary astrology of our lifetimes!...

Eclipse-Equinox Crescendo!

We have arrived in the two week ‘Eclipse Zone! We are traveling from last weekend’s Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse, pausing at the Equinox on September 23rd, and transiting into the upcoming powerful Blood Moon Aries Lunar Eclipse on September 27th (or Sept. 28,...


Meg’s talk was perhaps the most powerful I’ve ever experienced online, in terms of tangible, flesh-level resonance and vibrational heft. Many of the energy masters do their work, in my perception, on more subtle levels, so it was very satisfying to have strong and sustained field activation that moved instantly into the physicality of my body (and beyond). Reminds me (longingly) of my many hours in TaiChi class, and now Meg’s imagery and intention makes the evocation of this beautiful energy direct and immediate. Jeneth Blackert

Founder of New Wealth Experience Telesummits

I can’t begin to tell you the changes I have experienced in my own evolution since our session yesterday. Since you removed so many things from me and helped me understand my purpose, I have been communicating more easily with my guides and teachers. I have never felt so expanded. I thank you again and again. Judith

Author of Journey of the Self: As Seen Through the Eyes of God

What a shift! And lots of clearing and understanding since too! This ricochets through everything in my life. Oceans of thanks Meg! Bron Evans

Bron Evans Kinesiology

Meg Benedicte is on the cutting edge of consciousness and divine awakenings.  She continues to astound me with her deep understanding of the Universe and the NEW tools she continually brings to the evolution of human awareness. Darius M. Barazandeh

Founder, You Wealth Revolution