According to the original Cosmic Ascension Plan, when earth entered the galactic photon band, the increasing Light frequencies would lift Gaia and humanity up into higher 5D Ascension Acceleration. There are numerous channelings since the Harmonic Convergence backing this up. So what happened?

In 2005, I began to receive spiritual guidance that there were not enough Light Bearers vibrating in 5D frequencies, and so we shifted to Plan B. The ascension shift was extended from 2012 to 2017 and beyond.  Many soul travelers (including myself) came from the future to support Plan B and anchor a parallel 5D field for all who chose to ascend. Those travelers who work with the stargates and light grids began to secure the 5D hologram into the earth plane. Those who do not choose the Light will be escorted to other planes of existence.

On 12/21/12 the cabal lost control and lockdown of the global matrix simulation.  It has been disintegrating since then. More and more began to awaken to the rampant global deceit, corruption and imbalance of resources. The world-wide-web spread awakened consciousness to all who were seeking the truth. A heart opening was happening in those awakening. The galactic solar wave was revealing all shadow to be transmuted with divine Light.

We are now immersed in the accelerated quickening into 5th dimensional energies. We are also witnessing the collapse of the corrupted global regime. Many are reeling from the catastrophic shifts in global consciousness. It is imperative that we maintain our still-point of power at this time.

Extreme polarized rigid beliefs, judgments and behavior will lower your energy and slow down your ascension. The 5D field is a non-polarized field of harmony and Love. The more you embrace Love in your heart, the quicker you will ascend. We’ve reached an impasse, as the original Ascension Plan is being restored for all who vibrate with Love. The dark archon/demonic forces are being relocated to another realm. Humanity has the opportunity to radically accelerate into higher planes of compassion and kindness, as the dark ones are being exposed.

Do your best to not engage with the polarizing shadow forces, but to observe and step in as Light Warriors to protect our beloved planet and all who live here. WE are protectors, not aggressors. Our motivating passion is to love and protect, not to attack or destroy.

In 2010 I started receiving visions of massive protests in the streets. I saw visions of humanity taking to the streets to demand decency, respect, equality and justice. We’ve reached the tipping-point, we cannot remain silent as the corrupt leaders destroy our very existence. We’re only 5 days into the new American presidency and millions showed up for peaceful protests around the world. It is only beginning…

I support the new president going after the deep state, dark cabal and rampant corruption in our government, but I also believe we are the ‘checks and balance’ during this deconstruction phase of the Ascension Plan. We have traveled from the future to prevent another Atlantian annihilation.  It is a phantom timeline the archons are attempting to anchor onto the current Ascension timeline. This is why we are here! The Light Warriors will not allow it to ground and take hold. We will work on removing the phantom timeline in the Lunar Eclipse Global meditation on Feb 10th.

You have the ability to utilize the Quantum Vortex to spin away any destructive timelines the dark forces are inserting…including more oil pipelines, corporate greed and continual wars. This is their final, desperate maneuver. Your Light is your power, use it everywhere! Namaste!

Join other Light Warriors from around the world for the Lunar Eclipse Global Activations on Friday, February 10th at 5pm PT. Register at:

Lovingly, Meg

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