At the quantum scale, all of existence pulses and vibrates as energy. In quantum mechanics, physicists demonstrated that light and matter display characteristics of both waves and particles. Upon awakening, we become more aware of our dual nature as a physical being (particles of matter) and a spiritual being (wave state) simultaneously. We start to awaken and connect the bicameral brain to function as the multi-dimensional mind. The life force of spirit flows through the biocircuits in a wave energy flux. Gradually the physical body and the energy body integrate in coherence.

Matter is crystalized spirit made manifest. It involves the fragmentation process of spirit (waves) into particles of matter (atoms) to formulate an externally perceived expression. Spirit is observable in the physical patterns of materialization, being mirrored back to the awakened observer. The particularization of matter (atoms) provides an observable feedback loop in which one can see itself, recognize itself, understand itself, and test itself. It is a constant, co-creative process.

As we enter 2023, we stand at the starting point of a new cycle, a new year. In the stillness, we conjure our future outcomes from the unified field of wave-particles. It is either an active participation, a conscious action, or a passive relinquishing of personal investment, or unconscious reaction. It is up to each and every one of us to decide – do I actively engage and influence the formation of my energy’s wave-particles or not.

I finally reached my tipping point of enduring daily chaotic turbulence and took conscious action. It is a regular step in my Spiritual Practice. I set everything in motion according to my Soul’s Blueprint and Higher Self guidance. I don’t let anything go ‘to chance’. I Am the co-creator of my human reality. My dual nature of matter and spirit blend in harmony and coherence. I Am becoming a divine human.

In my monthly global activations, we focus on healing and transforming distorted matter, uniting with spirit to set in motion both personal and planetary intentions. It is a powerful process of co-creating the formation of crystalized spirit. As we start the year of 2023, let’s co-create together our New Earth circular operating system of harmony and coherence for all life on Gaia.

With AA Metatron’s guidance, we will travel to our Soul’s homestar, reunite with our galactic family and fill with starlight. We are forging the pathway home, as we ascend into becoming divine humans. I Am guiding a New Year – New Earth global mediation on Saturday, January 14. If you would like to participate, you can register here:

If you would like to learn my Ascension method and jumpstart your Spiritual Practice with AA Metatron’s wisdom, I Am teaching a 21 Day Master Class – 3 Week Webinar Series starting on Wednesday, January 11. Scholarship Funding available. You can read more about the coaching here:

Lovingly, Meg

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