It is day 5 of the 10-day window between 12:12 and12:21 when our planet is aligned with the galactic center at 27°3′ of Sagittarius. Since the 12:12 Stargate opened last week, we are receiving a powerful surge of photonic upgrades in the DNA wave crystals. The diamond plasma Light infusion has been activating the dormant 12 Strand DNA and the crystallization of the axiotonal channels and molecular structure of the biofield.

During 2018 the cosmos have handed us the perfect ‘fresh start’ recipe to launch our Ascension lives.  We are being encouraged to ‘let go’ of our past and create new realities in our lives. Whatever we initiate during the 10-day Gateway will ripple into the quantum field of all possibilities. As we stand in galactic zero point energy, we have access to the most powerful frequency generator of pure creation. Don’t miss this opportunity to bless your dreams with source force!

Although the 3D world system is collapsing, the chaos is mostly a breaking down of limiting belief systems and fear programs. The chaos is caused when entrenched belief systems are challenged and fragment into a complete blank slate, or clean slate. As the populace protests grow stronger, the old institutions shake under the pressure. As the patriarchal establishment collapses, we are being called to action. This is our moment! It is why so many Light Beings are here on the planet right now. We are being called to step into the void and create a new earth reality.

The divine gateway transformation between 12:12 and 12:21 provides the most potent manifesting magic of the year. Many of you are raising your consciousness so that you can be Wayshowers, Earth Keepers and stabilizers of the crystalline grid. There are many karmic timelines that need to be resolved, closed and dissolved before the New Earth can be fully activated and manifested.

We are currently traveling deeper into the gateway portal to the galactic center, as we move towards the 12:21 Solstice activations. You may be experiencing the shifting, morphing magnetic fields as the 3D and 5D timelines disentangle. Pulsing in the center of the Galaxy is the zero point field of all creation. As you draw closer to the galactic pulse of singularity, your energy field adapts to zero point alchemy in the quantum field…the space that exists where subatomic particles and virtual particles merge to create new realities.

The gradual stair-step progress of ascending into higher frequency/consciousness/dimensions is the soul’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’. With every cosmic upgrade and quantum activation, you open doorways to more expansive knowledge and universal truths. The acceleration of your body and mind occurs as a divine transfiguration at the subatomic level.

While integrating the ascension activations into the body/heart/mind, pay attention to where you focus your thoughts. As you withdraw focus away from the 3D polarized battle for control and fear, funnel high frequency thoughts and visions into the higher realm of quantum entanglement. Evidenced in the Mandala Effect, old realities dissolve away to be replaced with totally different outcomes. Welcome to the quantum realm of infinite possibilities!

An array of potential futures flashing in the quantum field require our ‘conscious lock’ so the popular timeline lands on earth. The destructive patriarchal timeline is decomposing under pressure from the rising divine feminine spreading respect, compassion, peace and harmony. The incoming galactic light permeates the ether and disseminates a new template to replace the out-of-balance reality we’ve been living in.

The world system is changing and morphing into an entirely new manner of living. As we near the 12:21 Solstice this Friday, take some time to do sacred ceremony and meditation and envision your Soul’s Life plan. Let your 5D imagination run free in the quantum holographic field. You are birthing your Soul’s destiny and the ascending New Earth in Unity Consciousness.

Envision yourself as Masters of Time, merging the current and Future Timelines as you manifest in the Still Point of the eternal “Now”. You are the Earth Keepers, the Gridworkers, the Warriors of Light. You are the Wayshowers, you were born for this. You are weaving a multitude of ascended timelines into forming the New Earth. It is aligned with Divine Will and the Cosmic Ascension Plan for Gaia and Humanity.

We will join together on Friday, December 21st at 12pm PT in a global activation broadcast and ignite the sacred geometry of Metatron, as we advance into becoming Light. Join other Earth Keepers and Star Beings from all around the world, as we form a ‘group mind’ and birth our New Earth.

The show is recorded for replay.  If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg

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