As the world becomes more polarized, we are witnessing the emergence of two possible global operating systems. The choice is becoming clear – remain in the ancient Atlantean top-down hierarchal Patriarchal power system or transition into the universal circular, collaborative operating system. One is ego-mind driven and the other is heart-centered focused. The choice hovers between individual inclusivity for greater good or exclusively denying large swaths of the population any access to prosperity or empowerment.

It comes down to clearly understanding and embodying unity consciousness. Do you remain alone and separated from the collective, or do you actively embrace connection with All That Is? As you raise your energy frequency, you ascend into higher dimensional access. On a cellular level, quantum consciousness is altering the driving force of creation. No longer dominated by linear mental constructs and time density, the quantum mind opens, expands and enters a new domain, a grander perspective. Humanity is evolving beyond the limits of time and primal impulses.

The incoming galactic waves stream tons of plasma from the great central sun into earth’s magnetic field, moving the poles and altering the climate. Plasma is a cloud of protons and electrons transferred by solar wind. Some warn of ‘equinox cracks’ that form in earth’s magnetic field during the Equinox – we call these openings portals or stargates.

On March 19 the Vernal Equinox occurs at 0° Aries, launching the start of a new cycle. 0° represents pure zodiacal energy, it sets the energetic impulse of that sign strongly. The Equinox is a zero point event in Aries, the first astrological sign of being bold and ambitious. Held in the balance of zero point energy is perfect stillness in the Now! The upcoming Equinox gateway activates the null-magnetics of zero point, forging a portal to connect with All That you Are!

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