In just a few hours the annual Equinox Stargate reaches full impact at 3:29am PT. In alignment with the Moon, Saturn, and the Galactic Center located at 27 degrees Sagittarius, the Equinox enters the Aries Point ( at 0 degrees Aries…launching the start of the astrological new year and the beginning of a new season.

The Equinox Stargate exits in zero point energy – the balancing point of polarized forces when light and dark are equal. The Galactic Center also radiates zero point energy between our dark universe and the parallel crystalline universe of Light. These threshold points exist as doorways into vastly different realms. Gaia is currently passing through threshold resonance to fully embodying 5th dimensional frequencies.

This is ground-breaking! Often called the ‘Great Turning of the Wheel’, the 2017 Equinox Zero Point Threshold is ushering in a ‘new year’ of grand transformation. When we ascend into a higher threshold resonance, our world reality expands into more complex geometry. Many Light Warriors are transmuting so much polarized energy, they are transitioning into plasma fields of Light.

Could 2017 be the year we reach the ‘100th Monkey’ tipping point?  Will it be our critical mass moment? More and more souls are awakening to higher levels of conscious awareness and understanding. The global field is functioning more like a human network of information, be it the internet or the collective mind. More souls are linking up to the crystalline frequency ‘radio station’ of Ascension.

As Gaia rises into higher bandwidths of photonic Light consciousness, the veils of illusion dissolve away. The threat of archonic manipulation is losing power. The plasma fields are distorting shadow programming into absurdity. It has diminishing influence over the conscious community. It is being dismissed as ‘ridiculousness’.

As the plasma fields of Truth illuminate the collective mind, the dark power of deception, illusion and fantasy recede into oblivion. As Gaia embodies her 5th dimensional essence, there is no longer any tolerance for the dark shadow agenda. The Archons are being escorted off earth, through a spiraling portal directly to orbiting Planet 9/Planet X. The migration is already happening, and will escalate during the Equinox Stargate. Let’s make 2017 the year of Light Liberation!

Join other Light Warriors from around the world to step into the Equinox Stargate and perform divine Global Activations on Monday, March 20th at 12pm PT. Register at:

Lovingly, Meg

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