3 Stages of Transformation

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There are 3 stages of Spiritual Transformation: breakdown, breakthrough and break free.

During the 1st stage we must embrace the Breakdown – instead of resisting, pushing it away or projecting it on others.  Remember the famous saying “what we resist, persists!” The best approach is to allow the Breakdown collapse and decomposition within the Vortex, contain it and move through the transmutation process.

The Breakthrough is the 2nd stage after all the emotional pain and reactions have settled and the toxic energy is purged from your system. The Breakthrough lifts the veils and opens your mind to see clearly the pattern running in your life. You recognize how the program controls you, blocks you and limits your full expression.

The Break Free stage comes later after you’ve cleared multiple layers of the limiting pattern and sub-patterns from your field. You’re able to accept any enlightening life lessons, move into forgiveness and integrate the split and fragmented aspects involved.

The 3rd stage weaves and balances all the disparate pieces into union and wholeness. You feel more complete, empowered and invigorated! Your heart magnetism pulses with Soul Presence. You have moved into new energy, free of the past patterns and belief systems. Your mind, heart and body are Free to ascend to the next level of your Soul’s essence.

1 review for 3 Stages of Transformation

  1. Pia Schwaller

    I love this meditation!! Doing this meditation it really helps me to let go the old structures and the old paradigm / 3D-Matrix and to ground on my ascension timeline!

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