Quantum Access Sessions with Meg Benedicte




Quantum Access Sessions are private sessions with Meg Benedicte. Session includes Remote Energy Healing, Shadow work, Deprogramming, Ancestral Lineage, Inner Child Healing, Soul Retrieval, Past-Life Resolution, reading Akashic Records, Soul Contracts and activating Soul Blueprint for life’s work and purpose.

*Private Skype/Phone Sessions – 60 Minute Session – $400

* Session is digitally recorded and e-mailed to you

* Meg will call you with Skype phone – please provide Skype ID or contact phone number

* 100% confidential (of course)

* Payment is due in advance of your session (at time of booking)

Book your appointment at our Online Reservation Calendar –

go to:https://calendly.com/quantumaccess/private-session


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