Soul Realized: Unlocking the Sacred Keys to Becoming a Divine Human

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Will the changing times affect you, or will you affect the change?

Are you Awakening to the planetary shift in consciousness? Are you tired of the constant stress and struggle of polarized opposition? Did you know that your human energy field is constantly responding to an invisible, vibrant force of creative power that can be tapped and utilized at any given moment?  What if everything you knew about the human condition is wrong?

Drawing from two decades as a Quantum Healer, Meg Benedicte unveils astonishing insights about the history of humanity and our genetic coding. Her groundbreaking understanding of Bio-Energetics explains the causes of disease, depression and unhappiness.

Learn how you can transcend duality, master your holographic mind as an Alchemist, and activate the original human blueprint with Soul DNA so you can evolve into a 12th Dimensional Human!

Soul Realized unveils the missing link that will make The Secret and the Law of Attraction effective in helping the masses attain peace, love, happiness and abundance. It is not what you’ve been told!

Discover the hidden mysteries:

  • The Collective Holographic Mind has amnesia
  • The Karmic Cycle of Reincarnation is a trap
  • Victim consciousness sabotages love and prosperity
  • The root cause of disease is separation from the Soul

By bridging the principles of quantum physics with those of metaphysics, Meg Benedicte offers her innovative process to those seeking to break free from the downward spiral and decay of time, so they can access the Zero Point Field in the Quantum Vortex.

After reading Soul Realized, you will discover the sacred keys that unlock humanity’s evolutionary ascension and experience personal healing and transformation of your body, mind and spirit in ways you never imagined was possible!

Based on REAL case studies and client sessions! Includes Powerful Meditations designed to activate Soul Realization and personal transformation.

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2 reviews for Soul Realized: Unlocking the Sacred Keys to Becoming a Divine Human

  1. Sandy Chasteen

    LOVE this book! Thank you so much for sharing this critical information-had many key elements of relevance for things I was currently experiencing. Now makes sense!!

  2. Avatar photo


    “Already since I’ve been born on this planet in this body, I felt that something’s wrong with this world. But everybody around me did not understand me and what I mean. I felt EXTREMELY alone, sad and unhappy. As the “world around me” did not seem to see any wrong things, I was convinced for many years that there has to be something wrong with ME. I tried to fit in and to do my best, but it didn’t work and the feeling of “something is wrong on this planet” did not leave. A way out (of this crazy world) for me would have been committing suicide.This was a big topic for me for the first 20 years of this incarnation.

    Getting older, I got more and more hints and some explanations about my “weird feelings”, but it was never totally satisfactory or seemed 100% logic to me. So I never really understood WHAT was wrong. I could neither explain it nor would I have had the appropriate vocabulary to do so.

    But with Meg’s book “Soul realized” I FINALLY got the answer! It is THE answer of THE question! In a very simple and short, but extremely logic (sort of mathematical/physical/scientific) way, Meg explains in this book the way she was able to unlock the lost “holy grail” of creative manifestation and conscious transformation, piecing together the hidden truth of humanity’s (and the planet’s) current condition. She explains the law/principle of Duality and how we can heal the human karmic debt and break free of the prison holding us captive in our mind and body!

    For me personally THIS is it! I now know that there is nothing wrong with me (and never ever was) but I know WHERE I am, WHAT is going on and WHY, and also WHAT I can do about it. It is so empowering and liberating, I can’t even find words to explain.

    I just can say THANK YOU MEG to being here as a wayshower and for this great fantastic knowledge you made available to humanity!!” – Pia from Switzerland

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