Monday’s spectacular ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse is generating buzz in the collective. This is a rare celestial treat indeed! The field is alive with anticipation! The Path of totality starts at 10am PT and spreads northward from Mexico, Texas, all the way up to Canada. The Aries North Node Eclipse amplifies (on steroids) the passing of a threshold, a gateway, a hurdle, or any obstacles in the way of new growth and expansion.

A New Moon Eclipse initiates new cycles, new beginnings, new endeavors – in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, representing the individual Self. It has been an intense passage, noticeable to ‘sensitives’ dialed into the field. For many it may feel like passing through the ‘Eye of the Needle’! What does not serve, will shed away. Take extra self-care during this event, it may be challenging to the human self.

Monday’s Solar Eclipse spotlight in Aries illuminates and reveals outdated perspectives, identities, insecurities, false personas, or unhealthy habits. The human self is submerged in the Aries refiner’s fire. This may be bringing up hidden unconscious egoic patterns and behaviors that you need to let go. Additionally, the Solar Eclipse joins Chiron the Wounded Healer at 19° Aries. It is a powerful cosmic reminder for self-reflection and honest analysis of what does not reflect ‘true self’.

Chiron in exact degree of the Eclipse emphasizes the path of self-healing that is essential to achieving Soul embodiment. For those dedicated to healing core wounds these past years, this New Moon Solar Eclipse initiates a new cycle, a new timeline of deeper Soul essence and fulfillment. For those yet to start the healing process, this Eclipse-Chiron alignment can trigger a healing crisis.

Passing the Solar Eclipse in Aries is the ‘Mother of Dragons’ Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks. The ‘near-earth’ comet will hang northeast of the eclipsed Sun, visible with binoculars or possibly the naked eye during totality. What a fortuitous visit during the Year of the Dragon! Passing so close to the eclipse in Aries adds a galactic element to this rare gateway event.

I will be leading a global mediation during the Ring of Fire Eclipse on April 8 at 12pm PDT. You can register here:

Wishing you a magical eclipse journey of epic proportions! Lovingly, Meg