Today is this year’s signature cosmic alignment, Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus (first time since 1941). When Jupiter joins Uranus at 21°-22° Taurus, there is electricity in the field! We’ve been seeing signs of the collapsing hierarchal power system, experiencing late-stage capitalism. Stress fractures are stretching across the globe. Today’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus will magnify the pressure, forging a breakthrough in consciousness.

Jupiter inspires growth, healing, abundance…Uranus initiates revolutionary changes, invention, and paradigm shifts. These slow-moving, outer planets join every 14 years in a new zodiac sign. While in Taurus, Jupiter amplifies Uranus in the earthly realm of resources – what we value, where we invest our time, energy and finances.

We see a rising swell to preserve, care for and nourish the resources we have. Unfettered consumerism has an expiration date. Consider what you value and tend the garden, plant seeds, provide light and water, replenish the harvest. Humanity is evolving away from the unnatural, artificial hierarchy system. The inner drive to return to the natural circular system is spreading. Instead of rampant devouring, let’s give back, reinvest our energy in continual renewal. Jupiter-Uranus in Taurus will show us the way!

This rare conjunction will trigger massive shifts in values…new, innovative breakthroughs in how we tend our resources, how we treat ourselves, others and our beloved planet, how we apply science, metaphysics, and AI in our daily lives.

Let’s focus today’s powerful astrology in more personal development, spiritual evolution and world peace.

Lovingly, Meg